Victor Anthony* has made a living playing music for the last thirty years. His style is firmly based in the rootsy stew of the American South. He delivered three CDs of original material between 1995 and 2000 and you can check out those albums HERE

On March 10, 2015 he released Mystery Loves Company which is a pared-down acoustic record consisting of twelve original songs, a cover of a traditional tune and two guitar instrumentals. The sound is intimate and the songs are too.

*Prior to August, 2004 this artist performed and recorded under the name Victor Mecyssne

Here’s the Buzz on the Tunes

The real deal ~ Gary Fjellgaard, Juno-winning Canadian singer/songwriter

Victor touches the gritty heart of American music with his fingers and his words ~ Bob Bossin, Stringband

Totally unclassifiable ~ Chet Flippo, Billboard

When it comes to piquing visual images with aural tools, few are in his league ~ Rusty Russell, Guitar Player

An important Americana artist and one hell of a songwriter ~ Chris Marino, GAVIN

Very observant and funny. There were a lot more writers like this 25 years ago ~ John Heidt, Vintage Guitar

Intelligent lyrics and story lines put together with a refreshing twist ~ Bob Gottlieb, All Music Guide

The songs are tight, smart vignettes ~ Elijah Wald, Boston Globe

Structurally unassailable and spiritually pure ~ Charles Earle, IN REVIEW

Never fails to turn a lyric sharp enough to cut the paper it’s written on ~ Frank Goodman, Pure Music